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Production Process

Özen Dizayn, is aware of the fact that quality in store decoration systems can be obtained only through using best quality of raw materials in production, error-free production and innovative designs, purchases the metal profiles used in stand production from the most distinguished and qualified companies.

Our company’s strategy is the creation of modern and aesthetical designs. We use argon-weld and brazing in visible parts of the stands produced to have the best and the most perfect look.

Garment racks or clothing display stands produced with high quality of raw materials and perfect workmanship are sent to outstanding companies specialized in chromium plating. 15 - 20 micron thick chrome plating is applied depending on the sizes of metal profiles and stands subsequent to transfer the stands to chromium plating companies.

We, as Özen Dizayn, attach the same importance to easy installation and trouble-free transport of the disassembled stands that we show for employment of quality raw materials in production and error-free manufacturing.

Custom Production
Özen Dizayn, has a design strategy of custom production rather than mass production and our existing products come in different sizes if required, as well as producing authentic designs according to customer requirements with a view to get customers’ satisfaction.

Özen Dizayn, engaged mainly in the production of clothing display stands & garment racks, also offers solutions in the field of projecting to respectable clients to have the customers’ satisfaction.

Our company visits the area to be well-prepared and recommends aesthetical solutions. We pay attention to the on-site attractive design, in line with customer requirements. The design is prepared on paper at the projecting stage and then transferred to digital media to be visualized; if required 3D modeling of the application is also prepared to form a better image in mind.

Production Capacity & Quality
Özen Dizayn is middle sized company with a production capacity about 400 clothing display stands per month. We, As Özen Dizayn, stand behind the quality of our products. Warranty & Returns.

Operating Principles
Our company operates according to certain working principles with an eye to minimize conflicts that may occur later.

- Prices do not include value added tax (VAT)
- Glass or wood shelves are not included in the product's price unless they are demanded especially.
- Our company reserves the right to make changes in prices and sales conditions without prior notice.
- Custom production commences subsequent to agreement in sizes and receipt of the 40% of the amount of the product after manufacturing begins.
- Custom productions are strictly not allowed to return.
- Our company is responsible for the delivery of the product, from warehouse or by cargo.
- We use sale contract in our international sales. By way of this sale contract, which is indicated seller's and buyer's responsibilities like number of products, characteristic of products, condition of delivery and payment, seller's and buyer's rights are protected.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send your orders by fax or e-mail to eliminate the potential problems and mistakes that can occur during telephone or verbal orders in order to ensure us to provide more efficient service to you.

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